Rural Tourism Houses Girona – Costa Brava – Pyrenees Association

Who are we?

The Rural Tourism Houses Association for Girona – Costa Brava – Pyrenees unites rural tourism establishments in the Girona province. It currently has over 130 associated, owners of farmhouses and rural accommodation in the province of Girona, offering the largest range of authorised rural tourism establishments in Catalonia. These are found in municipalities of less than 2,000 inhabitants on the Costa Brava, inland, and the Girona Pyrenees. In total, over 240 establishments in buildings dating from before the 1950s, offering over 1,800 places.

The entity, a pioneer in its field, was created on 16 March 1992, thanks to the union of 12 farmhouses that were committed to a new model of tourism. Since then, Rural Tourism Girona has focussed its mission on the joint work of promoting agrotourism and rural tourism in the counties of Girona.

Its governing bodies are the General Meeting, formed by all the entity members and which is held once a year, and the Governing Body, comprising various members chosen as representatives of the 8 counties in the province of Girona: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, La Garrotxa, Gironès, Pla de l’Estany, Ripollès, La Selva and La Cerdanya. The Governing Body meets every month to manage and execute the plan of actions approved by the General Meeting. Day-to-day management is done by the association’s Technical Office team.

The Board

Mr Ramon Corominas Estany
Deputy Chairman
Mr Pere Oliu Casamitjana
Mr Miquel Quera Vidal
Mrs Dolors Calm Bover

Mr Ferran Miquel Rigau
Mrs Kathrin Schmidhauser
Mrs Mònica Lloveras Herrera
Mrs Ma. Assumpta Fort Olivella
Mr Joan Coll Ferrer
Mrs Josefina Soy Sala
Mrs Anne Movilla

Technical Office

Mrs Tere Vilà Tuneu
Tourism Officer
Mrs Laura Blasco Herraiz
Communication and Press
Mrs Vanessa Masip Xixons
Technological Officer
Mr Sergi Toboso | factoria TIC
Graphic design and communication
Mrs Nati Vilà Tuneu | Versus Comunicació


Through the Governing Board, the association is on the following federative bodies and administrations: